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5280 Recycling Solutions is the best choice for collection, processing and end-market answers for construction and demolition material recycling. Colorado-owned and operated 5280 Recycling Solutions provides industry-leading service to contractors, commercial clients, governments and LEED projects along the Front Range.

Our History

5280 Recycling Solutions is the result of the leadership at 5280 Waste Solutions realizing that the C&D materials they were hauling have value and environmental benefit by diverting the material from landfills with proper sorting, processing and market development.

From this insight, the company decided to be the first in Colorado to establish a single-stream C&D processing system and become the Colorado market leader in recycling solutions for every aspect of C&D recycling.

Recycling Services For Any Project

What Seperates Us

Recycling collection and processing for all materials has been around for a long time. What sets us apart is one, we provide a single-stream solution to the C&D industry to eliminate source separating and multiple containers on job sites. Two, we solve for the biggest challenge in C&D recycling, the development of markets for the materials once they are collected and processed.

5280 Recycling Solutions is the leader in Colorado in developing markets for C&D materials. This coupled with our industry-leading collection and ability to produce the cleanest processed material is what sets us apart in closing the loop in C&D recycling.