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Making C&D Recycling Easy

At 5280 Recycling Solutions we are working to increase recycling accessibility for construction and demolition debris. As experts in the local Denver C&D waste industry we realized that there was potential to do so much more. We want to increase recycling options for companies looking to gain LEED status on a project or wanting to document a recycling or diversion percentage for a project. We want to create local jobs with skills training, and we want to help the planet by recycling materials that otherwise go to landfills. Our mission is to create a thriving business while doing what’s right.

Why 5280 Recycling Solutions

The 5280 difference makes recycling your C&D debris efficient and easy. Most projects looking to recycle currently need to have anywhere from 2-4 dumpsters on site, and then need to meticulously ensure that no cross contamination happens or the recycling centers will reject the load. This leads to fines, and a lot of added cost and wasted time.

C&D single-stream solution

Our process is designed to make it simple. You have one dumpster for waste, and one for recycling. We will sort the recyclable materials for you at our facility, and track the weights, and type of material. We then deliver a report showing how much of your load was diverted to recycling and where and how it was recycled.

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Whatever your project needs, we’re here to offer up solutions. If you have questions about obtaining LEED status, C&D recycling or waste management, or  how our process works from start to finish just use the contact form below to reach out. We look forward to partnering with you.